Friday, September 21, 2007

Favorite places in my home

I love our home. When we built it three years ago, and I had no idea it would get so full, so fast. I also didn't know just how much I would love it here.
Over these past few years, we have been able to add some of our own touches to give it character. There will be many more "touches" I am sure . Front porch, library, barn, chickens and chicken coop...(okay, maybe in my dreams). Or maybe not. For now though, here are some of my favorite places in our home.

Our hydrangea trees. Frank bought me two of these last year for mothers day.

This love seat. It is where I am sitting now, where I napped everyday while pregnant with Anna, then with Jack, where I read to the kids, where Eve falls asleep every night at my feet.

Our stair case. We bought these pieces of decorative moulding at Lowe's for fifty dollars. One hour later, they were nailed on, and I painted them white. What a difference it made.

Ahhh, this bath tub. I have probably taken one thousand baths in this. I am so lucky that my husband is a plumber. A plumber with excellent taste.

The deck off our bedroom. This is the best place to watch fireflies in the summer. It looks like a million strobe lights out there. It is a fascinating sight.

The chair in Anna's room. I love this chair, she does too. There have been many days when I hear her rocking away, when she is supposed to be napping. Ahem. I am not sure what else goes on up here, notice that poor bear is missing ear.

Addison's big boy bed. We got this bed at a tag sale for thirty dollars. He loves it, and so does everyone else. Besides being the best bed in the house to jump on, we all have piled on this bed many times to read, play games, and talk about things.

Our picture wall

Our dining table. We sit here every night, have dinner, some times for five minutes, sometimes for twenty minutes, but we do it every night.

And these moments in my home. These are my favorite moments....

I hope you have lots of favorite moments this weekend!

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