Wednesday, September 12, 2007


We have lots of things freshcut things in our home today. First, freshcut from the garden, chives that we whipped in our cream cheese. Next, my favorite of all things freshcut. Hydrangeas! My trees are finally producing enough so I don't cringe every time I cut one to bring in.
More fresh goodies from our flower garden.............Addison picked these. Black eyed susans are his favorite, he calls them babyeye susans. Be still my beating heart.
Also freshcut fabric. Have you heard? Heather Bailey is the designer for freshcut fabric and she is so inspiring, I just love her fabric. She is also working on some patterns...hurry up Heather! A gift I made for a dear friend:
A bonnet and pants for a babe coming in November.

A purse for yours truly:

and my dear Anna, I love making feminine clothes for her ,and this is by far the best fabric I have laid eyes on.

We are off to the apple orchard for more freahcut things.
What is freshcut in your home?

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