Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's all about Addison

Today was a big day around here. My baby, my oldest child, my little man turned four. It doesn't seem possible that four years ago today, he was just a tiny eight pound baby.
I couldn't wait for him to get here, and since he was my first one, every little pain I had, I thought I was going to have him. He was due on September 6th, and when he still was not here on the 18th, my doctor decided to induce me. I have heard people say that the labor you have with your child resembles their personality. I find this to be so true, with all of my kids.
Addison takes his time, with things and people. He is the most sensitive person I have ever known. He does not like to be rushed.
I am dreading the day that he comes home and has had his heart broken. I don't know if I will be able to handle it. I want to protect him from all things. When we brought him home from the hospital, I felt like a Lion with her cub. I still do.

Our celebration started last night, when Addison helped me make his cake. He wanted a Tow Mater cake, from the movie Cars, and it had to be blue.

I did my best. We had so much fun making it together. We both consumed obscene amounts of frosting. He is just like his mama. You don't take a tiny lick from the bowl. No. You get a spoon.

We went to our favorite orchard again....

Then we came home, and took our daily walk around the yard, to see what we could find.....

I have no idea what this is, some type of caterpillar I think. But who cares, the kids were fascinated.

Then the party started...

If you look close, you can see little Anna trying to get at that candle!

Even Eve wanted to partake in the festivities. We tried to keep her out with the baby gate, but the poor thing looked so pathetic!

So Addison, my love, happy birthday. My wish for your is to soak up life, take it all in. Smell the air, love all things, take your time, always. Just like you do now my sweet, just like you do now.

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