Friday, September 14, 2007

Purses and dolls

I told myself that this week, the only thing I could sew would be bags for an up coming craft fair I am going to do. It is not until December, but I have to do things early, I am not good at doing things at the last minute. It is too much pressure and frankly I just won't do it.
I was doing good, really good until today. Have you ever seen those babushka dolls? You know the ones that you open, and there is a smaller one, than you open that one and there is a smaller one in there, etc. etc? Well, my kids love those. I thought maybe I could try making some soft ones.
This is what I came up with....

meet George, Audrey, and Linus...Addison named them.
I had no pattern, and I have never made a doll before, but I had to make them. It was so sweet to watch Anna kiss hers and cradle it in her arms.
So next week, I will continue with the craft fair items......
Have a great weekend.

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It's All About The Pretty!!! said...

Love, Love, Love the bags and how cute r those dolls. You may need to make your adult friend a doll, they make you feel like a kid again!! So impressed, nice work...Sewing MAMA