Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rainy Sunday

I went to the grocery store today; and this weather gets me in the mood to cook up a storm.
On the menu this week.................
Pumpkin bread, one of our favorites...
The tub of Toll House speaks for itself
and the loaf of bread? I am going to try my brother and sister in-laws favorite recipe...
a shrimp boat. Soon this loaf of bread will be filled with cream cheese, shrimp, and cream of shrimp soup. I can't wait!
I decided to get out the sewing machine to start Jack's birthday present. I got the Big Nap Pillow pattern from Amy Butler. I started cutting away, thinking it would be great to at least get it cut out, but four hours later I was still sewing (many snacks, wet diapers, pillow fights, apple juice pouring, laundry changing breaks later)

I was done.

The pattern was very easy to follow but I did cheat quite a bit. The instructions tell you to take your fabric, some string, a tack, and pencil and make some sort of compass to make your circle patten. This pillow is 45 inches wide, and I was secretly hoping the pattern would have a huge circle that I could just trace.

Well, I was not so lucky. Lucky enough though, to discover that Eve's dog bed was the perfect size, so I just traced that.

You also quilt half of the top. The instructions tell you to measure and put pieces of masking tape down your fabric one inch apart to keep your lines an equal distance apart. I cheated again. Instead, I just stitched a line down every other curve on the ric- rac trim.

Much faster, much more my style. The last time I tried the tape technique I was all wrapped up in tape. It just didn't work out for me.

So yes, despite the rain, we had such a wonderful Sunday.

I hope you did as well.

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Ebeth said...

Katie - I love Jack's pillow! Are you sure you will be able to wait until November to give it to him!?

I already feel like your blog is such a gift (to me!)...and you only have written two entries. It is a window into your world.

Thank you, and lots of love from Montana~