Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Retail therapy, or decorating therapy? Which do you prefer?

Last night my husband announced that he was up to his neck in paper work. He is a plumbing contractor, and a very fine one I might add. Could it be that it was neglected for too long because of his Big Brother watching, or his Warfish game playing? Of course not! Ahem.....
So I went out for some retail therapy:
First, I stopped in at the local fabric store to pick up some stuff, and I snagged this months issue of Romantic Homes. What a great issue it is! Full of fall decorating fun! Also, I read a great little article on page 18 about blogging, with names of some great blogs that I can not wait to read!
I then headed to the Gap, oh the Gap, how I love thee. I had a gift certificate that my mom gave me for Christmas, and it was burning a hole in my wallet.
I was on a mission, with very specific things in mind. I was not going to allow my self to be seduced by the tweedy skirts, and button down shirts that I love so. No, I am a stay at home mom, and I just don't wear these things enough.
So..... Jeans. Check
Chocolate brown sweater. Check
Long sleeve shirts. Check
New black pants. Check
Feeling very proud of myself for not giving in, I marched to the register to pay.
Then, I saw these................

Why do I need the black pair AND the red pair. Because I do. I just do.
Another therapy I love? Decorating. I love to rearrange our home, and give it a face lift. My husband enjoys it as well, to some extent. Why do women have to have it done right this minute, exactly the way we want it, not too fast, not too slow, our way, but have someone else do it? I get in these moods and Frank does not enjoy it quite so much as I.
This summer we painted our room...

Ah, I just love it. I tried to stay with the white, I really did, but I just love color on walls, I can not help it.
Next was Anna's room. We painted it Tea Rose the same day that we set up her big girl bed. She loves it so. I just wish she would nap in there...

Addison loved it just as much, and was a bit sad this was not his new bed.

That bed, oh I love that bed. Eighty, yes eighty dollars and the local antique store.
Now that's therapy!!!
Which do you prefer?

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