Friday, October 19, 2007

Double chocolate fudge, sweet pumpkin bread, and freshcut gumdrops

Another rainy day here in Maine. I decided it was time to mix up the fudge kit I got in Vermont last weekend....
Do you see what it says? Vermont farmgirl...I think that is what I was in another life.

Every year I make pumpkin bread. I have a great recipe I got from my mom. It fills your house with sweet smells of cloves and nutmeg.

Yesterday I was so excited when my gum drop pillow pattern by Amy Butler arrived in the mail. Along with it was more Freshcut fabric! I found the perfect spot for it in our room.

Have a great weekend!
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Missy said...

I am baking chocolate chip pumpkin bread today - the first time I have ever made pumpkin bread - Oh - the smell! yummy!
Your gumdrop pillow looks beautiful - amy butler combined with heather bailey - what could be better??!!

Anonymous said...

It's perfect Katie!