Thursday, October 18, 2007

Everybody needs a little time away

Do you ever start a project, almost finish it, then put it down for a long time? Do you ever make something, get excited while you are doing it, finish it ,and it looses it's charm because it just did not turn out how you pictured it?
Today I found some things I had made a while ago, that didn't do much for me at the time, but today they sparkled!
I also found some projects I started a few months ago with every intention of seeing them to the end, but other, more exciting things came up.

I made these for an open house I did two years ago. A very talented lady has a Christmas open house every year and she asked me to make some jewelry. I was very happy to do this, and even happier when she told me that she was doing a special kids room. I decided to make some very small bracelets with a ribbon closure.

I completely forgot about these and Anna was so happy that I found them. She was four months old when I made them, they didn't sell, and I am very happy that they didn't. I can tell she feels very fancy with these on.

While Jack and Anna were sleeping today I finished the winter coats for the boys that I started in July. They will be wrapped and put under the tree this year, with matching tweed pants. It was all I could do to not interrupt Addison while he was playing so he could try his on....I am awful at waiting to give people their surprises!

And, another bunny. I cut out a ton of these for the craft show this Christmas. I really shouldn't do that. I like to see a project done from beginning to end, in one swoop. When ever I cut out a bunch of things to be sewn up it takes the fun out of it for me. I have no idea why. My husband always tells me it is much more efficient this way. Maybe so, but being efficient while I am being creative is something that is not important to me.

I made these pillow shams back in April. Something that didn't sell in my friends shop. I am thankful for that too.

They look so nice on Anna's bed. They were meant to be hers. Oh, how I love pink linen.

And more jewelry. I haven't looked at some of these pieces for a while...

So, I guess everybody needs a little time away. It is amazing how things look so much better when you haven't seen them for a while. Mistakes disappear and all you see is the beauty that you envisioned while you were making it.


Anonymous said...

Adorable jackets. They look really warm too. I love the little brown bunny. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love everything you've made!!! How fun. I want to be home right now making things too. The pillow and bunny are may favorites so far:)