Sunday, October 28, 2007

Farm stockings

We day dream a lot about living on a farm.. I want chickens, Addison wants a sheep, and we all want a big organic garden. I would love to have a road side stand where the kids could sell the fruits of our labor. The chickens would greet all of our customers while they fill their bags with green beans, and eggplants. I would go and collect the eggs every morning in an apron and polka dot rubber boots.....ahhhhh
Anyway, since we do not have a farm, I can still pretend, right?
I was thumbing through some old Christmas magazines and found a pattern for Farm stockings. I had to make them. I did it today, to beat the Christmas rush, and I love them.
I had lots of white quilted fabric, and decided to use that. It so nice when you can use something you already have on hand.

Is anyone else out there letting Christmas thoughts creep into their minds? Oh, I hope so.


Barbara said...

Yes ,here I am. I dont like helloween, and because of this I am thinking on Christmas ....
Greetings from Germany Barbara

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I am sooo looking forward to Christmas- it's my favorite Holiday!

Anonymous said...

These stockings are beautiful. Simple but at the same time elegant. Where can I find the pattern?