Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I never do it alone

I had been toying with the idea of painting our dining room chairs white. I asked my husband about this, and he talked me out of it, saying that it would show all the fingerprints from the kids etc. etc. So, I decided against it.
A few days later, I decided to rethink the idea anyway, then stopped because I was not sure how white chairs would look with a brown table.
Then I saw this in the Pottery Barn catalogue.
This is what really made up my mind.

I am not sure if you can tell, but the chairs are really beat up looking, I love that. These were my chairs before...

I really like them, but I need change...a lot. Because my life is so busy, and I love to do things like this, I try to get a few more people involved.
First, a call to Christi to ask her how to get this look. She does this a lot for her shop. I have painted many things in my house white, and sometimes rough up the corners, but I wanted a real weathered look, and I wanted to do it right.

I got started last night, while the kids were in bed. I think Eve really had the right idea!

Then, here we are at 8:00 am, sanding away. I never do anything while the kids are awake that we can not do together. I really try hard to make everything a fun project for them too. They love it, I must say, and this was a fun one. Believe me, there have been projects that have ended in tears. Theirs, and sometimes mine, but for the most part we love doing these things together. I love seeing them discover things, exploring their creativity, feeling like they are a part of something.
I always ask Addison " How would I do this without you?" and he says " You would do it by yourself!"
I guess I would, but it would not be as much fun.

Then we had to try on the fabric.

There he is, my man, recovering these chairs for the fourth time for me. We bought these chairs when we bought our first home. They were at a flea market for $125 and we were so excited. He was not quite as excited tonight as he was stapling fabric on again, but he is good to me.

I really just wanted to watch him and drink my cocoa, but I decided with the left over fabric I needed a table runner.

Ten minutes later, there you go. A lovely runner with ivory pom-poms at the end, because really, who doesn't love an ivory pom-pom.

So there you have it, my new chairs. I never do anything alone, I need help, that is my secret, and I have four of the best helpers you could ask for.
While I do get a lot of inspiration from Pottery Barn, I must admit I very rarely buy anything there. Besides, I love the way each of my chairs is different, and every time I see them, I will remember all the help that I got. That and I just saved about $1400! Really!


Anonymous said...

It looks fabulous! What a great facelift...and, I sure can relate to those moments when "he" does it but isn't very happy doing it...let's just say that I've been there...

Beata (from

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a transformation. I love that fabric. The chairs look beautiful! I've always wanted to do something like this but have always felt a bit intimidated by these projects. Nice job.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! That fabric is beautiful! I'm inspired!

Missy said...

Gorgeous! I have been admiring those chairs in the pottery barn catalog too!

Giabella Designs said...

I just recovered my chairs after 3 years of use! It is so easy to do and I don't know why I don't do it more often. Loe the fabric you used!

Anonymous said...

What a great sparkle that green gives! And I love the picture of the kids helping.