Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Today the kids and I went to the library for story hour, and the drive was so lovely. Blue sky, orange leaves. It was such a fall like day here. When we got home, I needed to create. Orange, and blue, orange and blue, I was so inspired by that orange foliage and that blue sky. My best friend and I were chatting on the phone yesterday about how much we are into to orange lately. Really, how can you NOT be into orange in October? So, I needed to make something orange AND blue.

I got out a few patterns, and in the end, this is what I came up with. A new jumper and bloomers for my favorite girl, Anna.

I got this burnt orange fabric at Joanne's, and I used Amy Butler fabric for the scraps. Can't wait to see her in this!
I hope you were inspired by something today.


Ebeth said...
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Ebeth said...

Katie- I find it so crazy that you are inspired the orange of the season. Orange is not only my favorite color...but a few weeks ago I was discussing with a friend on a long hike in the mtns that orange is one color that Montana just doesn't have the ability to create (its not quite right) in the fall - that BRILLIANT orange I long for this time of year.

Here's to orange!

I love that dress and that burnt orange you chose!

(not sure what happened to the first comment I posted - I made a mistake and deleted it...)

Celia said...

This little dress is really cute and I am sure must look gorgeous in the little girl!