Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My pumpkin patch

I may not have that farm I have always wanted, but the world's best pumpkin patch?

Yes, that is all mine.

Our first time trick or treating....
Sticky fingers,
Leaves under our feet.
" Hey batman....wait for me"
Lollipop sticks in daddy's pocket,
The smell if wood burning,

A stop under the street light for a snack.
Anna, by far the smallest, but makes her way up, often times getting a second piece, insisting on a third,
" Mommy, why did that witch laugh like that?"

" Look, their light is on"
" Slow down, wait for us "
I reach for their hands, they pull away
" One more house guys "
" Bye batman "
" Can we trick or treat at Christmas?"

The way home...
three very tired pumpkins...

Happy Halloween!

1 comment:

Ebeth said...

Oh, how I was hoping that you would have some pictures of these little guys on the site today! I heard that they were going to be pumpkins and I couldn't wait to see them!

Lots of love from Auntie Elizabeth!