Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's all about Jack

Oh, it is official. Today Jack turned one, and it hit me like a ton of bricks that I don't have a little baby in my life. For so long I have, but now, everyone is sleeping through the night, no one is nursing anymore, so in a very small way, I am free. I am not sure that I like it.
My sweet, delicious little man turned one today, and it was a great day.

We all enjoyed some chicken cup cakes. ( These are from an old issue of Martha ).

Jack especially enjoyed his, and half of mine. I do love the kids birthdays. Everyone is so excited and we travel together through our home all day like a school of fish. We get things ready for the party, and play with all the new treasures after everyone has left.

I can not believe that one year ago today, he arrived. I remember when my midwife handed him to me, he was so sweet and warm. I didn't want to be away from him for a second. He is a very determined little man, but so sensitive. I love how he needs lots of mommy time and that when a stranger approaches him, he leans into me with his head on my shoulder. I hope he does this until he is 14.
I wish that he could just stay small forever...

Happy birthday my sweet.


M&Co said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog, and thank you for welcoming me so warmly into the blogging world :-) And congratulations with your gorgeous sons one year birthday. He's a real cutey ;-)!

Fran said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

That was such a sweet post. It carried me back to when my children turned one. I had forgotten about the "leaning into you" thing and it warmed my heart. Thank you.


Rachel said...

Happy birthday to your wee Jack!

My boys are at their halfway mark...and I already am having a hard time..

Could you post how to make those cupcakes/the issue number for the magazine you got them from?

Bless you, and your sweet family....