Friday, November 9, 2007

A tiny purse, for a tiny lady

Another day of wake up gifts. I made this purse for Anna. She just loves it because it has a butt ( button ).
"Mama, butt, Mama, butt"
I spend a lot of time today snapping this purse up, so she could unsnap it.

there she is, modeling it after she filled it to the brim with her most prized possessions.
I certainly could not leave Jack out. His first birthday is tomorrow and I had to make him some birthday pants.

Now Addison wants of pair of these pants, as well as a car bag for all of his cars. Oh, it is so nice to be in high demand!


Nicole said...

she has the most darling little smile. love those pants. happy weekend! xx, nicky

lulusparkles said...

that little purse is adorable- pants too! sa-weet!

Anonymous said...

Cute little bag. She look so cute too with it slung across her shoulder. Adorable!

Anonymous said...

Adorable purse!