Sunday, January 13, 2008


I have been tagged by Heather. The rules are...
1. Share five random facts about myself or....
2. Share five places I would like to visit or...
3. Share five things I did not see in my future when I was 25....
then tag five to ten other people.
I chose number one, here it goes....
1. Frank and I have three kids. My oldest was child was one week old on our first wedding anniversary. We have been married for five years. On our fifth anniversary, we realized I had been pregnant or nursing for four years and three months out of our marriage.
2. I am a home body. I always have been, probably always will be. I have been outside of the United States once. We went to Quebec City for our honeymoon. We had ten nights away planned...we came home early.
3. I love to clean. I wanted to be a maid when I was younger. My mom used to call me "Katie the cleaning lady." I like to see how fast I can straighten up a room. I absolutely cannot concentrate on anything if there is a mess that needs tending to.
4. I used to smoke. Virginia slim 120's. I had a cigarette holder at one time. This is my biggest regret.
5. I was an English major in college. I used to write almost everyday. Sometimes I think about writing a book. Sometimes I think it will be a children's book, sometimes I think it will be about domestic life, sometimes I don't think I could ever accomplish this.
I am going to tag, Shannon, Rachel, Elizabeth, Melissa, and Primitive home
Have fun!


Shannon said...

Thanks for thinking of me. I think I will choose either option two or three based on my recent 100th post:)

We have SO much in common! I too have been married for 5 years and have had 3 children in those 5 years. My hubby and I are total homebodies as well. Last year was our first vacation away from the kiddos in our marriage. I have never had a nickname that had anything to do with cleaning but I can't function in a mess. I hate to admit that I still have the occasional cigarette socially. Never had a habit but have always enjoyed one every now and then. I definitely think you should write a book! I would buy it!

K said...

Dedicated homebody here!

Great list!

Heather said...

Oh my, I love being home to! I also think of things that would be fun to go and do, but then when it comes down to it, I'd really rather just stay here inside these walls! Thank you so much for playing! I LOVED your answers!

beki said...

Fellow homebody here! I also used to smoke when I went out in college. Thankfully, it never really caught on for me, it was only a social thing.
Thanks for sharing, it's neat learning more about you!

Anonymous said...

I choose the random bits part. and I'm going to go with the first things that pop into my head:
1)I own every Sinead O'Connor album
2)I wake up with children songs in my head.
3)I love polka dots.
4)I love the idea of cooking but I never actually cook.
5)I would love to visit Austria.

latree said...

great facts!
you write, your blog. makes you feel better?