Monday, February 25, 2008

Home Improvement mini: part 2

I have a thing for white paint. And cover buttons. And plates. All of these things bother Frank. Especially the white paint, and the plates. I have to say though, every time I paint something white, he does comment on how nice it looks. The plates, not so much. The thing is though, there are so many beautiful old plates out there that you can get for a song, and I love the way they look hung on the wall.

A few years ago there was a small do it yourself project in a Country Living magazine on how to make bookends using plates. So after a little begging, Frank made some this weekend.

Some for Addison's room

Some for Anna's room. We did not use plates for her because her dresser is low, and well, she gets into everything, so I thought these wooden bunnies nailed, and glued down would work better.

And for Jack's room.

I had all these plates on hand, and I have had the bunnies for a very long time. You can really use anything to make these. Here is what you do:
Cut two lengths of wood at a 45 degree angle with a miter saw. Then rout or chisel a groove down the center of each and fasten at the right angle with wood glue. Then, insert your plate into the groove.
A few more things here. Anna has a chandelier in her room that we got at Lowe's. It was silver before, with little beaded shades. (You can see a before picture here)
I painted it white to give it a different look. I didn't worry about the paint coming out perfect, because I wanted it to look old, so I put on two coats of cottage white paint (no primer) and then hit it with some sand paper.

And last, but not least..
I love those huge cover buttons that you can cover with fabric. I had these two laying around for a while with no home. I covered them with a vintage, embroidered linen I got last year. I had the idea to use them as door knobs to a bathroom closet. Frank use metal epoxy to secure them to the metal door knobs that are already there.

I am not sure if they will stand up to the kids opening and closing them, but we shall see.
I do have more to share with you, but it will be interrupted by some sewing I got done over the weekend!
Hope you are having a good Monday!


Sarah and Jack said...

Love the huge buttons for knobs!

My Jack would have the plates in a million pieces in about 10 seconds flat. LOL (He is really bad about breaking stuff right now, oy.)

Marcia said...

I love old plates too. As soon as Spring hits, I'm going to put a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen and hang up my favorite vintage plates.

Cassidy said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog and I love everything you make/decorate. I love the wall color of your daughter's room and your dining room. Do you remember what colors they are? I am in the process of painting a new baby's room, and I am having a HORRIBLE time finding nice colors!

Thanks for inspiring me!
Cassidy in Texas

sheepish one said...

dang, girl... is there a home improvement mini-series in store??

everything's beautiful, as usual!!

Java Mama said...

Hi There - I found your blog a while back & have been lurking. The projects are great. I am really impressed at your knitting & sewing too. You seem like an old pro. I am trying to get a handle on both but haven't gotten far with either!

Laura said...

I always love the creativity of what you create! Great ideas.

a friend to knit with said...

Love the bookends!
and thanks for telling us how to make our own!!!
they look so cute!
and i ADORE the buttons for door pulls.
fantastic idea!

Amanda said...

Great ideas! My kids would destroy those bookends, but they are so pretty. Maybe I could make some for up high.

Amanda Jean said...

love all your projects! look at you getting things done. love the plate bookends. and that chandelier is great!!!

Shannon said...

I am headed to the flea market this weekend and I was going to look for some old tea set pieces for my girls. Now I have another thing to look for!

Everything looks great!

Cassidy said...

Thank you!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I love plates, too. Great idea to make bookends with them! I can't wait to see the sewing you've done.

Java Mama said...

Hi Katie - Thanks for checking out my blog & leaving a note. It is nice to "meet" you. Have a great day.

Melissa said...

Wow, I love all of it. I especially loved the door knobs, what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I have had that plate bookend picture in my inspiration photos for years (great minds think alike)! I love how it turned out and using those buttons on your closet doors is just pure genius - very pretty!


Jill -Forever and Ever House said...

I love all of your ideas...especially the button covers. I might "steal this idea" from you as I am in the process of "doing" my daughter's room! How sweet!