Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Knitting, knitting, and yes, more knitting

I finished my other cable knit project about a week ago. This pillow was pretty quick. I really like the idea of a knit pillow. You can really make any size, shape or stitch you want. I see more of these in my future. I used a cotton, wool blend in white for this one. Cashmere sounds even better though.

So, here we have my first long knitting project. It is the pinafore dress, from the Debbie Bliss Essential Baby book. Has anyone made it? I love this pattern, I really do. If I was not so determined for Anna to have it though, I would have quit a while ago.
First, size two needles, 117 stitches (that is just for the front, it is not knit in the round) and seed stitch takes me a long, long time. Eight minutes a row, and that is if there are no interruptions, which does not exist in my house, so let's say more like 15 minutes a row.
The smallest size needles I have ever used are 7's, so this is a bit of a change.

I seriously spend two days on the first eight rows or so. The reason is that little eyelet row. Can you see it? It gets hemmed, when the dress is finished, so it looks more like a scalloped edge. My problem was this:
The pattern said knit in St stitch, work two rows
Eyelet row: K1, *yo, K2 tog*
Work three rows.....Okay, I can do this.
So, that is what I did, I knit three eyelet rows................over, and over, and over. I kept counting my stitches, thinking I made a mistake every time, because I just did not get why it was not coming out.
Thank the sweet lord that my two sisters knit, because they showed me that the patttern was saying to knit one eyelet row, then continue in St stitch for three rows.
I know I am new to this fine craft, but am I crazy to think that it should have said continue in St stitch for another three rows?
I guess if you have knit an eyelet stitch before you would have known, but if you haven't, just a heads up.
Jeeez, I sure feel like a dummy!


Sandy said...

I would have thought the same exact thing. I think it is pattern reading that really confuses me with knitting (I tend to second guess and over analyse).

That dress looks beautiful. Good Luck!

Amanda Jean said...

I want to knit a little dress for my daughter, too, but I am too scared to start!!!

Abby said...

lol .... I hvae done the same thing.... some patterns seem to tell you too much and others not enough.... you knit beautifully by the way.... and I love the colour.
Check out this blog (http://alison.knitsmiths.us/) for a nother smock type dress knit for girls....

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I love the pillow! It also takes me so long to knit things due to 3 little ones always needing something.:) The dress is so beautiful, but dear Lord, size 2 needles?

Cyndi said...

Wow! How do you find the time to do all that you do. I love looking at your blog, you are so creative and are talented in so many ways!
I Look forward to your next project and your new venture on etsy!

Shannon said...

This post just makes me laugh. I have misread patterns soooo many times. I am working on a bag and I have done very row differently. now that I am on the 5th row, I think I have it. I just finished a dress that would have been a MESS if my mom didn't come over and sort me out!

love the pillow and the dress is going to be fabulous!!

Jodie said...

There must be something in the air... I picked up my knitting needles on Monday and started a couple of 'small' projects up. I LOVE the cable pillow, it looks so elegant in white. That debbie bliss pattern looks soo sweet. I just love how all of her patterns look and the colour you've chossen is beautiful!! I'm only a novice knitter too and really dread dropping stitches as I still don't know how to pick them up correctly.. Can't wait to see the little pinny finished... ;)


Knitterella said...

What a great pillow! and the dress looks beautiful!

a friend to knit with said...

love both of these projects.
the only thing hard about knitting is understanding a pattern! true. oh so true.

Java Mama said...

The dress will be adorable! I have a tough time with patterns myself. I am on my first "big" project - it is actually a doll sweater. I figure it will be easier to knit a mini-sweater than a me-size sweater. I have already had to start over once so I am not sure I figured correctly. Love the pillow. Good luck completing the dress.

Melissa said...

I am so excited to see the dress finished! I love the color!

Love the pillow too, cashmere would be sweet.

Marcia said...

You love her size 2! (It's a joke between my best knitting friend and I.) Those are some tiny needles---a huge labor of love.

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