Friday, March 7, 2008

Yes, another chocolate recipe

I know I bake a lot of sweets. A few people have asked me who eats it all. Well, we do. Every night after dinner we have dessert together. Sometimes it is just Frank and I, you know how those dinners with kids can be. We are lucky to get everyone to sit down at the same time some nights.
I do like to have dessert in the house. Homemade dessert. The reason I do this is because I like to, but I also buy mostly organic baking ingredients. You will not find any chips ahoy, or oreo cookies in this house (unless I am pregnant, then they are MINE!!I don't share).
So, I just don't feel bad about feeding my family a yummy treat every night. I even sometimes substitute organic apple sauce for oil. I find this works best with muffins, and breads.
I don't buy cake mixes anymore either. Well, I shouldn't say anymore, because I just may have a new favorite cake recipe.

Anna likes to sit with me while I flip through my old magazines, and a few weeks ago she spotted yummy chocolate cake. We made it together yesterday, and it is a good one. It does call for a cake mix, and I am sure they have organic ones out there, it just didn't occur to me to check.
You must, must try this!

Rich Chocolate Layer Cake:

1 box chocolate cake mix
1/4 C unsweetened cocoa
1 C mayo
3 large eggs
1 C water
Heat oven to 350, butter two round 8 inch pans. Cut two 8 inch circles out of parchment paper and line the pans, then butter liner
Beat cocoa, cake mix, mayo, eggs and water on low speed, then increase to high and beat for two minutes.
Pour into pans and bake about 35 minutes.

Mix 2 cans chocolate frosting, 1 C. sour cream, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1 C sweetened coconut, toasted, and 1/4 C chopped almonds toasted.

The recipe says to split the cakes, then frost so you have four layers, but I didn't do that part. I had some frosting left over though.

The next recipe I share with you will be something other than chocolate. Maybe.


Hanna said...

Looks really yammy!! :)

Have a grat weekend.

Shannon said...

We have world famous chocolate cake at a restaurant by us. The secret ingredient is Mayo. Your chocolate cake looks just like Portillos. Yum, yum, yum!

I wish I could say that I bake because there are no oreos or keebler cookies around here. We have both. I must admit that I mostly bake for myself because I LOVE freshly baked goods. Its my weakness!

Melissa said...

We made a strawberry cake last night ; ).
Your cakes always look so yummy!!

a friend to knit with said...

that looks so good.
i too bake everything. mainly because i love sweets. i could eat them for every meal. :)
but also because, i too want my family to eat homemade.
however. i always keep a box of cake mix in the pantry.....cause, you just never know! like now. i could go make this cake right now.........if i had the mayo!!! darn.
that icing looks/sounds like it would be good on anything!

jo said...

Your cake looks wonderful. I have just baked a strawberry cake to have with cream after dinner.

Claremont First Ward said...

How do you stay so thin?

Louise said...

I bake heaps too as I like the girls to eat home made - at least I know what's in it. One of our staples is chocolate simplicity cake which is a chuck in all ingredients and stir kind of thing. It never fails and the kids love it!

kaetrn said...

they must have organic cake there a whole foods near you? i really appreciate your love for homemade desserts...i love them too and somehow feel less guilty eating them than something that has been prepackaged on a shelf for months and months!

Kate said...

You can never have too much chocolate!

Angela said...

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Anonymous said...

That looks pretty and delicious! I baked a cake on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon it was gone! I'm afraid to weight myself this morning LOL!


Anonymous said...


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Amanda Jean said...

I share your love of homemade baked goods. we have recently started "cookie of the week" (idea stole from Leslie) to which my husband said, "best idea ever." it's amazing how many cookies this little family can eat in one week. yeesh.

K said...

OOh- that looks good. I always substitue applesauce for oil, much to the chagrin of my husband. I just cant bear the thought of all that oil!

Unknown said...

That cake looks delicious. Yum!

Casey's trio said...

From one chocolate lover to another, I thank you for the recipe. If I lived in your house, I would weigh 1,000 pounds:O