Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am not sticking the the list. Nope. Not at all. I did try though. I cast on Juliet, finished the top in a day, and got all excited about the lace. Now, I know this pattern is not hard. It is just me. I kept messing up. My stitches were off by one, so I ripped back to the garter stitch, triple checked my stitches, tried again. Off by, two. After the forth time, I just decided I needed to put it away for a bit.
I did think about doing another patten for the bottom, instead of the lace, but really the lace is the essence of the pattern. If I am going to make this, it needs the lace.

So what do I do? Pick up another lacy pattern. One look at the instructions for the Pimlico Shrug from this book, and I realize I need to think fast. See, I need something that can be put down a lot, then picked back up with out a lot of concentration. I loved this one after I saw it, so it moved to the top of the list. I think the essence of this sweater is the ribbing, and well, sorta the lace, but mostly the ribbing.
I decided on a simple seed stitch. It is hard to see in this photo, but it gives it a bit of texture. I think after blocking, it will be even better.
The knitting is a bit slower than usual. I have been busy with something else that I will share with you on my next post.
Oh, and P.S..... it does not involve a sewing machine!


Sandy said...

All this inspiration from you and Melana with your pretty sweaters got me going. I was thinking of trying Juliet, but now I'm scared.
Can't wait to see what you're working on next!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

Yep, I think you need to start attending Knitters Anonymous....;)

Its a beautiful sweater (so far!). I love the color!

QuiltedSimple said...

You're on a roll - with projects going every which way. Can't wait to see what you do next!!


Katie Jean said...

I had the same problem with the juliet! I realized that I was forgetting to do the last yo at the end of the first row (i think it was). Hope your knitting distraction helps you figure out the Juliet ;)

Amanda Jean said...

I love the color, too! and you are a've gotten me very curious about tomorrow's post.

Marcia said...

I put my lace pattern rows on a 3x5 card. I keep the row I'm working on the top of the pile with a paperclip, that way if I have to stop, when I sit down again I can figure out where I'm at. Are you sure you're starting with the right number of stitches? I hope the little break from it gives you the rest you need to complete it. It looks wonderful so far. I love the dark chocolate color.

Dove Knits said...

If you do go back to Juliet, stitch markers placed between lace repeats help ALOT.