Thursday, May 22, 2008

We have been outside

One juniper moving,

Two plants waiting,

Three pear trees planted,

Four hostas bursting,

Five strawberry plants flowering,

Six hands helping (ahem),

Seven peonys budding,

Eight Johnnys jumping,

Nine bee balms spreading,

Ten rose plants growing,

We have been so busy working out here. I love all of it, the weeding, mulching, grass cutting, watering, and planting.
A season when grilled cheese under a blanket fort, is replaced by snack platters on the front steps, PBS is replaced by bird watching, and running circles through the house is replaced nice long walks and bike rides.
I think being outside as a family is the best thing you can do. I have enjoyed watching my kids appreciate all the outdoors has to offer.
They are excited to watch our gardens grow, explore bugs, watch the bees work, and listen to the birds.
We wait a long time for it here in Maine. A very long time.


Shannon said...

I agree that no family time is better spent than outside. Nature just feeds the soul!

I wish the gardening bug would bite me. My flower beds are a mess and the last thing I want to do it clean them out. This weekend is going to be hot and sunny so out to the garden I go.

Have a wonderful day!

Carol said...

beautifully said. :)

beki said...

So much fun!

QuiltedSimple said...

Family time is the best time - especially when you are outside. Looks like you guys are having beautiful weather.


Amanda Jean said...

we had lunch outside on the front step today, too. I love this time of year. we wait a looong time for it here, as well.

Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of work but also like you had plenty of help! Happy growing!

Marcia said...

Oh it looks like such a great day. It was cold and cloudy here today. I'm getting excited about gardening...soon, very soon. Love you son's tracter! I bet the kids will sleep well tonight.

Steph said...

What a gift to your children, to pass along a love for the outdoors! On a similar note, I blogged today about outdoor stuff, including a picture of our Feb. 14 lettuces that you inquired about. :-)

Ebeth said...

What a clever blog post!! (when I called the other night Addison told me all about the tree plantings!)

We'll be doing a little outdoor planting this weekend, too! We are planting dozens and dozens of little Aspens up at the lake - to make an Aspen grove! I'm so excited to dig in the dirt and to nurture these trees over the years...We will always remember the year we planted them, since it is the year of our first child's birth! Yey!!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

Emily Cole said...

Wow - Amen! We're in NC, and have had spring already for a month or so, but great post! I love spending time outside too - in fact I need to get out there and pull some weeds tomorrow!