Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Dress

You know a catalogue is good when your daughter takes it from the pile of mail and you don't see it for a few days because she won't let it out of her hot little hand.
I finally got to look at the Garnet Hill Kids book yesterday while eating breakfast. She was right there, talking my ear off about the things she had circled. Seventy four dollar silver, strappy sandals included.
Really, I have no idea where she gets it.

One thing that was circled was this corsage dress. I knew I could make it. Up to the fabric closet she went. I was not surprised by her choice at all. Freshcut, by Heather Bailey. One of my favorites, too.

The hat is something I made a few years ago. It is the Blue Sky hat, by Amy Butler. You can buy the pattern here.

As for the dress, I took some notes while making it because I knew there would be more. I would not really call this a tutorial, but I think there is enough information here so that you could make one if you are interested. Please let me know if you have any questions.
Corsage Dress Notes:
You will need about two yards of fabric, depending on size you are making
1" elastic
sewing machine
sewing needle and thread
piece of scrap fabric for flower
straight pins (if you wish, but I am too lazy to pin)
safety pin
Measure recipient across the chest, and figure out the length you want your dress.
Multiply chest measurement by three, then add a half inch.
Example: Anna's chest is 22"x 3=66" add half inch for seam, 66.5"
Measure to desired length, then add five inches to that number.
Cut your piece of fabric out.
Across top of fabric, fold down 1/2" press, then fold down 3.5" and press.
Sew along bottom of fold, then again about 2" up to create casing for elastic.
Attach a safety pin to end of elastic and guide it through casing. Scrunch up fabric around elastic until you like the way it looks, and sew side opening, using 1/2" seam making sure to catch elastic.
Fold bottom hem one half inch, press, then another half inch, press and sew.
Cut a piece of fabric about 5" by 23". Fold with wrong sides together and twist. Put a safety pin in on end to hold the twist. Begin rolling the fabric in, to create a circle. Hand sew back of flower, until secure and pin to dress.
Cut a piece of fabric 4.5" by 20". Fold in half, lengthwise with right sides facing, and sew leaving a space to turn right side out. Sew hole closed and press strap.
Cut in half and hand sew straps on the front on the dress, by attaching them on inside through the first layer of fabric. Make sure you do not catch the elastic.


Meg said...

This is too, too cute!! I didn't know Garnet Hill had a kids' catalog (probably a good thing). She looks just adorable--and I love her style with the boots and the lollipop!

Mary said...

Oh my goodness... she is so cute, and the dress is beautiful!

Hilary said...

So cute!! I like your corsage dress better than the original! I also love how it's styled with the boots.

Jessica said...

That dress is so sweet!

Unknown said...

Adorable, as is the dress. Wish I had a grandaughter!

larissa said...

that dress is so cute - you did a great job! love how it ties in the back rather than using straps that always fall off. spring can't come soon enough!

a friend to knit with said...

sounds like libby... stealing the catalogues and and circling her "wishes".
love the dress, katie. i also wish libby still circled dresses like that. :(

Louise said...

She's gorgeous! And I LOVE the dress - I know a sweet four year old who would also look adorable in it!

Steph said...

LOVE it!

Nishant said...

she is so cute, and the dress is beautiful!
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kim said...

She is absolutely adorable. These pictures remind me of Holly Hobby.

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