Thursday, April 8, 2010

I like a nice Chandy.....

Chandelier that is.
When we first talked about moving out of our first home, we wanted to buy an old farm house. Something with a lot of character, that we could fix up.
We quickly changed our mind after seeing what was out there, and all the time and money that we would have to spend to get an older home the way we wanted it.
We decided to build a new home instead and part of me was crushed. I love old things.
I think one of the best ways to give a home some character is the lighting.

We just put this small light above our kitchen sink.
It used to be in Jack's room, which used to be the guest room. I thought it was cute in there when he was a baby, but now that is he older, I thought it was too feminine.
I love it here. We bought the light at Lowes about five years ago. It is hung where a recessed light used to be, but we found a kit at Home Depot that allows you to hang a chandelier in it's place for about ten dollars.

I got our dining room light at the Brimfield Flea Market, in Brimfield, Mass. I found it before the foundation was poured!

I got these two living room lights from Lowes. I removed some of the crystals and painted them ivory to match the dining room light.

I found this light at Brimfield also. I think it was around forty dollars! It hangs at the bottom of our stairs.

This one hangs above our bathtub. Those aren't lights, just candles. It does not get used very much, but I love the way it looks. These are a lot cheaper and easier to install, but still gives you a nice effect.

We just installed this new light in Addison's room a few weeks ago. It is from Home Depot. I love that it is very neutral and can go in any room in the house.

This is Jack's new light. He calls it his "boy" light. It was also purchased from Home Depot.

Anna's light was installed in this room before she was born. I got it at Lowes about five years ago, but I am sure they still have similar ones.
To hide the chain I cut a long strip of muslin or linen and wrap it around the chain and tuck in the end. A friend gave me the idea, and I was so excited. It is so much cheaper than buying those chain covers.
We buy about two new lights a year to replace the generic ones that were put in when we moved here. I am running out of space to put new lights, and to tell you the truth my husband is very happy about that!



All of your lights look so pretty and I just looked at the light that you put in your son's room yesterday at HD I am thinking about putting them in my kitchen over my sink!

Sarah and Jack said...

Well, I was just blogging about chandeliers myself. And I am *so* pleased to see I am not the only one with a million of them!

Hilary said...

Thank you for all this inspiration!! All those lights are lovely and I love seeing how you've styled and placed them. How cool that you have a chandelier with candles hanging above your bathtub!

I fully know what you mean about wanting an old house, but there are some *very* nice things about having a new one, too (my husband and I really, really wanted a full-of-character Edwardian in San Francisco, but ended up in new construction -- and one perk is not having to worry about what will happen if there's an earthquake). And I actually thought your house was an impeccably restored old one! It is truly full of character and you've done an amazing job with it.

Mary said...

Very pretty lighting!

kim said...

I love all of the extra special touches that make your house so lovely. Your chandies are beautiful. I need to find one at Brimfield for my living room.

Renee said...

they're lovely!