Monday, January 24, 2011

Searching for Shells

We are so lucky that we live on the coast.
I never really appreciated the ocean when I was little, but now I could never be away from it.

We visit the ocean every chance we get.
I think we were there almost everyday this summer.

We put some shelves up in our bathroom this weekend using some wood that has been in our garage for a few years now.

The perfect place to display all of our treasures.

Happy Monday.
Stay warm my friends!


Marsel said...

You are definitely the queen of making "color" out of different shades of white. The textures and shapes you combine -- along with the subtle shade differences of your whites -- really make for some great visual treats!

ColorSlut said...

These are a great idea. By the way I told my DH about your kitchen. He looked at the before/after and said, "I agree. White is the way to go." Thank you so much for the post!

Anonymous said...

I'm stealing this idea from you--did you tell me those are wood brackets? Anyway, it's beautiful!


Hilary said...

That is so, so beautiful. I love that you've incorporated a bit of your surroundings into your home!