Thursday, August 13, 2015

A few of my favorites

 The weekend is almost here!  I spotted these weekender bags on sale at 
Target and decided to grab two.

 This little guy keeping me company every step I take. He is always under foot and I have to remind myself that we are all he has and he depends on us to keep him company.  Not so easy when I trip over him with my arms full of groceries.  Poor guy.
We have also been working very hard at clearing out the clutter from all of the rooms in the house. So freeing!

 Pairing gold and silver together.  Not mixing the two is history.  I even do it with jewelry.  If you love it, it works. 
Jewelry boxes from West Elm

 Men's watches.  My husband doesn't wear a watch, but I buy one every so often "pretending" it will be for him if he ever changes his mind.

Polka dots!  Another thing my husband does not do, but I think putting them in my closet will be safe.

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