Monday, August 17, 2015

Before and After

Front Before

Front After
 Last summer after dreaming and saving for almost ten years, we decided it was time to buy a cabin on a lake.  We ended up in Northern Maine where my husband grew up and spent many summers.  I wanted to share the before and after photos of our cabin renovation with you..
This is the front, facing the lake.
My husband tore down the porch in about a half hour.  The only thing holding it up was a rotten 2x4. Yikes!
We hired someone to put in two sliders and build a deck (which is my favorite part) and help a bit with the kitchen. Other than that, we did it all ourselves.  We would head up there with two vehicles. One full of our kids and dogs, the other full of tools, paint, furniture, you get the point.  Sometimes it was fun, and sometimes it wasn't.  The important thing is that it is mostly done, and we have a few good stories from from all of the chaos.
With the deck we wanted cheap and easy, so we went with pressure treated wood, and electrical conduit pipe {1/2"} It has held up great.
We are planning on adding some loam, reseeding the grass and planting some hydrangea on either side of the steps.

 Back Before

Back After
 It was painted brown before, which I liked, but after tearing down the porch it was a few different colors.  It had previously been painted red, and the inside of the porch never got painted brown.  I wanted something a bit more dramatic so I went with Ebony by Behr in flat.  It is a nice shade of charcoal.  A few strangers have walked by and told me they would see me out there with my black paint and they thought I was crazy, but they have decided that they really love it and I made a good decision. Always so nice to hear.
We love the way it highlights all of the beautiful green trees.
We also added a new vinyl screen door and planted some hydrangea outside to soften it a bit.  They are still tiny but  know when they fill in it will be amazing!

Paint: Ebony by Behr

Entry Before
 All of the before pictures were taken very quickly on my cell phone as we were walking through for the first time,  I was being shy about it because I didn't want the man who was selling it to know just how excited I was.  I was trying to act casual, but I knew this was the one as soon as I walked in. Right after we closed we started renovations, so I didn't even stop to take better pictures.  I wish I had.
I do love the look of wood, but as you can see from the pictures, everything was so dark and closed in. But really, who are we kidding. Anyone who knows me has spotted me with white paint in my hair at least once.  It is my favorite color.

Entry After
 After painting everything white (just your basic paint and primer in one, right off the shelf) and ripping up the old carpet I felt like I could breathe a little better.  It took three coats of paint.  My oldest son helped me paint this entire place. It took forever. I am not going to lie, I hated every second of it.  There were a few tears, some major spills and a bit of swearing.  You could not use a roller because the planks are curved.  We had to use a brush for every. single. one.  To make it super fun, because of the shape, you had to go back and check very quickly because they would soon start to drip.

Entry After
 We put down new laminate flooring and it was so easy to do. Of course that is easy for me to say because I didn't do it, but my husband did it in just a few days.  I have never been so glad to see carpet get thrown in the garbage!
I love the dark color, but don't recommend it if you have animals.  It shows everything.  I wish we had gone with a lighter color, but the dark looked so much better at the store.

Entry After
 I am thinking we will be replacing the light fixture at some point, but for now we are pretty much done.

Table, Hexagon mirror, black frames: Target
Rug: Ballard Designs
Basket T.J Maxx
Horns: Thrifted
Flooring :Lowes

Entry After

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After
 We did a bit of moving around in the Kitchen.  I didn't like the flow and wanted to move the fridge.  My husband warned me it would leave us with no counter space, but after thinking about it for a minute he came up with a great idea.  If we switched the stove and fridge and took out the end cabinet and put that next to the stove, we could easily install a lazy susan in the corner to give us even more counter space. Brilliant!
We put in new counter tops and a farm sink from Ikea, tore down the cabinet to the right of the sink and put up open shelving.
I painted the existing cabinets and added new hardware.
The fridge was in great shape on the inside and very efficient. We also felt like it was the perfect size for our tiny kitchen but it had a few dings on the outside.  We put on some chalkboard adhesive paper and covered them up.  Until a shiny new Smeg shows up at my door this will have to do.

Kitchen After
Table, stools, counter tops, farm sink: Ikea
Rug: Tractor Supply, I could not find the black/brown combo that I have, similar here
Chalkboard contact paper: Amazon

Living room  Before

So, we had some bunk beds hanging out in the living room and that was not going to work.  The reason for this was the built in dressers that were in the bedrooms did not allow for anything else to fit.  We tore those out, put the bunk beds where they belonged and we had an actual living room.

Living room After

Living room After
Rug: Ballard Designs
Chairs: Amazon
Lights: Home Depot
Coffee Table, sofa: Ikea
Cowhide rug: Amazon
Art: DIY

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After

 We did not do much in the bathroom except for add a new curtain, mirror, toilet seat and light.  The shower was brand new.  We will be replacing the vanity at some point, but my husband does not know that yet.  I am sure he is going to be very excited about when I tell him next spring.
Bathroom After
 Shower curtain, and bath mat are from Target, but are no longer available.

Kid's Bedroom
 I don't have any before pictures of the bedrooms, but they looked just like the rest of the cabin.
Like I said earlier, the bunks were not in here.  We ripped out the existing dresser, and got the beds in.
Kid's Bedroom
 We added some galvanized 1/2 inch pipe to hang curtains on the bunk beds and painted them white.

 We reupholstered the headboard, spray painted some fish, put in a new dresser and there you go!

Dresser: Target
Hardware : Lowes similar here
Fabric for curtains and pillows : Joann Fabric
Blanket: Target no longer available, nice one here
Fish: Homegoods
Bedding: Target
Small sheepskin rugs: Amazon

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom
 We don't have any closets in the bedrooms, just hooks and a dresser.  Which works just fine  Especially since our uniform for the lake is pretty minimal.  Most of the time we are in our suits.

Master Bedroom
 The back wall is unfinished for now.  I am sure someday we will get around to finishing it but for now I just hung some DIY art to cover some of the wires.

Bedding: Target
Fabric for Headboard: Joann Fabric
Lamps: Target
Side tables : Target
Dresser: Target
Hardware for dresser: Lowes (spray painted gold) similar here
Starburst mirror: Home Depot (no longer available)
Laundry Basket: T.J. Maxx
Large Sheepskin rug: TJ Maxx

Back deck
 This is where we spend most of our time.  We bought four cots instead of lounge chairs because they are so much more affordable.

Black cots: Amazon
Table and chairs: Ikea

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