Friday, August 21, 2015

Chicken Coop

 Seven years ago we decided to get a few chickens.  My husband built the cutest coop-you can see it here-but we soon realized how hard it was to clean.  Opening a small window, sticking your head in and shoveling out chicken mess is not the way to go.

 A few years after the chickens came we had a barn built. That project left behind a lot of scraps and  we I decided it was time to build something that was a little easier on the back for cleaning.  The old coop was also kind of in the woods down a hill.  My days of sliding down the snowy hill with 50 pounds of water and food needed to be over.
We purchased the black hardware and the fence, bought wood to built the door, but other than that, most of the coop was just leftover material sitting in our barn.
We even used a rock we had in our yard as a font step.
There is a little trap door in the back that we open for them.  If we want them to roam around the yard, we open the fence up too.  As soon as the sun goes down the rooster tells the hens it is time to go to bed, and in they go.

While the electrician was running electricity to the barn, my husband asked him to run it to the coop too.  That was the best idea ever.  In the winter we can plug in the water heater and a heat lamp without using an extension cord.
I planted fruit trees around it and now they have shade all day during the summer, plus they get to jump up and peck at the fruit.

I wanted to snap some pictures of the chickens today, but they were very busy in the woods and I could not get them to pose for me.
If you have ever thought about getting chickens, and your town or neighborhood allows it, I would highly recommend it.  They are low maintenance, eat all of the grubs and tics and fertilize the lawn while they are at it.
 Not to mention the fresh eggs and the entertainment they provide!

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