Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Just Some Talk About Knitting

 I finished the last hexagon on my Hexi blanket last week (pattern here) and very proudly handed it to my oldest son- who didn't want it because "it looks like a girl's blanket."
He took it anyway because the thought of me giving it to his brother or sister was too painful for him to endure.

He does seem to love it now and sleeps with it every night.  When I asked if I could get some pictures of it in use, he agreed, but let me know there could be no head shots.
Sunday morning the light was just right.  I covered up his head and we enjoyed a nice photo shoot together.

It warms me right up seeing someone love on something I made for them.  I don't torture my kids  with sweaters anymore, so seeing them sleep with a blanket I made is a close second.

Speaking of sweaters, I have one one the needles.  For me.  Writing a pattern as I go.  Something pretty simple, a funky take on my Christina pattern.  Hopefully it will work out and I won't get into a fight with my knitting needles so I can share.