Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Keep it Clean

 I do like to keep my home very clean because it just generally puts me in a better mood. Which is good for the other four people and two dogs that live here.  I do follow a very simple, easy cleaning routine that I will save for a different post - however I have a few tricks I wanted to let you know about.

Black paint is your friend. A few years ago I decided to paint all the things that get touched the most black. That included the banister, door to the pantry, all doors that lead to outside and of course the downstairs bathroom door.

 Yes, my walls are white and they and I really like them that way.  They are so much easier to wipe down than doors.  Doors just get so much dirtier. Besides, apparently it is very hard to use the door knob.  It is much more fun to grip the side of the door and leave your fingerprints.  I had scrubbed some of our doors so much there was no paint left on them.
I did not do them all at once.  I have chipped away at them over the years.  If you take a small roller and paint brush it does not take long at all.  The first coat of black paint always looks a bit scary. Don't panic.  Wait for it to dry and come back to it.  The second coat will make you smile.
I use gloss black, but really, anything darker than white will help save your elbow grease.  Because really, if you can't see the dirt, it is not there.  Right? Right.
Last week I made my way upstairs and did the closet doors in our master bedroom.  I think I am going to make my way down the hallway the next rainy day.

 How about rugs?  I have had the rug above for four years now.  The dogs sleep on it every night. Can you believe it? For the longest time I just felt like rugs and kids/animals/husbands who drink coffee, did not mix.  Until I found indoor/outdoor rugs.
We have them in all the messy areas.  I can not tell you how much pee, poop, barf, paint, pasta sauce, chocolate stuff I have wiped off of these rugs.
Because they are made of some secret fabric that does not absorb anything you spill on them, it comes right up.  I keep a bottle of half water, half vinegar and a squirt of dish soap under the sink for the scary stuff.

 Our upstairs hallway does not get half as much action as the downstairs.  The perfect place for REVERSIBLE wool runners.  That way, if someone can't make it to the bathroom in time, or eats a chicken bone that needs to come up, you can just flip it over and get back to it another day.
Okay, honestly, just writing that makes my toes curl.  I don't do that and I know you wouldn't either.

The cowhide rug was an unplanned purchase, and is not an indoor/outdoor rug but holds up beautifully!  We have had a few spills and they wipe up without absorbing into the hair.

Under the dining room table is really where all the fun happens.  Painting, eating, play dough, decorating Christmas cookies, you know what I mean.
The dogs use this door a lot to go in and out and it has saved our floors to have this rug here in the winter.  The snow does not soak through and the floors stay dry.  The sun has not faded it at all. Again, this one is four years old and still looks brand new.  I have included sources below, but I have seen many options pop up over the past few yeas in all different price ranges.

Sources: cowhide rug/ wool runners/ large area rugs/ entry rug


44 Clovers said...

Love! I was going to ask you about your cleaning tips. I like the vinegar/water/soap solution & am going to try that. I look forward to that cleaning post:)

a friend to knit with said...

i just LOVE your style sweet katie! and i LOVE seeing more of you here. your blog looks SO cool! xx

Angel Claudia said...

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