Friday, September 25, 2015

Marbled Clay Bowls

 Sometimes you see a project that you must do at that very moment.  This was the case with these little bowls. How could you not spent your day making these?  Believe me, once you get started you have to remind yourself to eat, pee and pick up your kids at school.

I used this tutorial and pretty much followed it exactly.  The only thing extra I did was roll out my clay onto wax paper.  I highly recommend doing that.

The beauty of this project is that they are supposed to be raw, organic and imperfect. Just turn off your inner Martha and let them be crooked, a little slanted, lumpy.  Screw perfection. The kids can help and everyone is having fun - except when you use the oven to make these instead of cooking dinner.  Then people get a little cranky, but that is why we have takeout.