Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Simple Holiday Table

 I have always had visions of a beautiful Holiday table, but it has only happened a few times in our house.  Now that my kids are older and can appreciate a beautiful table (okay, that is a lie) I thought I would try it.  I saw these gold chargers the other day while buying all the things browsing in Target. The perfect thing to fancy up our table.
I thought I could also use things I already had, like the spray painted gourds and acorn stems that I made earlier this year.  A chocolate in the cranberry sauce bowl is a nice touch too.  I am sure my kids will at least appreciate that part. 

 While at the dollar store buying candy to smuggle into the movie theater, I spotted these dishes.  I sat there in disbelief for a moment.  They are so much like these dishes from West Elm, that were on my Christmas list.  I decided it was a better choice to go with the cheap version, since broken dishes happen quite a bit around here.
Next week, the food shopping and cooking will begin. We are putting bacon on our turkey and sausage in our stuffing, with a kale salad to cancel it out.  I can not wait!
Happy Thanksgiving, friends.


Unknown said...

I just spent an hour reading past posts, what fun. I ended up copying a recipe and buying a Ballard rug! Too funny! Enjoyed my visit.

Philigry said...

Karen, thank you so much! So glad you are inspired!!

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