I am a mama to three that likes to craft, run, bake, write and decorate. I have the palate of an eight year old and enjoy potty humor, faux leather pants, stupid movies and burger joints. I am addicted to coca-cola and pay my kids to play with my hair and rub my feet.


Rachel Bingham Kessler said...

I love your new look! So sharp!

jgroeber said...

Found your gorgeous piece over at Scary Mommy (10 Things I Want My Daughter to Know...) and had to follow you over here to check out what lives at Philigry. So excited to follow. (I always wondered if anyone would actually click my blog link at Scary Mommy and then come find me. Now I know that some crazy mamas do.) (Also, two fun facts, our little Maine place is on a cove and my tagline is "four kids in three years". You take way better photos and appear to be able to craft me under the table though. Looking forward to watching for your posts from a parallel world.)

Patricia said...

My sister sent me the post you wrote about not letting go of your son until "he does" because it reminded her of my 22-year-old son Dylan. He still has to sit next to me on the couch, always kisses me on the forehead goodnight, holds my hand often for no reason, and other things I cherish. And is still my baby. I hope it never stops.